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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Send to Kindle, Amazon official extension to send files to Kindle

Send to Kindle, Amazon official extension to send files to Kindle

One of the stars of the devices last Christmas, at least in Spain, was the Kindle , the electronic book reader from Amazon. This device, of course, allows us to read e-books in a very comfortable (in addition to opening the doors to Amazon services and the collection of books available) and, in many cases, has revived interest in reading . In addition to reading books, the Kindle can do many things like surf the net, check Wikipedia or read the contents found in the network.

Both the Google Chrome Web Store as between extensions for Mozilla Firefox, we can find a number of extensions to send, comfortably, web page content (blogs, digital media, manuals, etc) to our e-book reader and therefore read anywhere and conveniently from our device. The variety of options is large and, with the idea of improving the present and offer “something more”, Amazon has thrown for Chrome and Firefox (and soon also intends to do for Safari) own extension called Send To Kindle .

This pair of extensions (which incidentally coincide with a similar name features) are available for Firefox and Chrome and, as we can imagine, the idea is that we serve to deliver content to our Kindle. Imagine that, as we review the digital press or blogs we like, find content of interest, perhaps, due to time constraints we can not read as carefully as they deserve, the solution is simple, select some text (or send as is), and pressing the button extension, Amazon will send the text to and from there to our e-book reader.

The extension is very good because it allows us to send text fragments (when selected) and include a preview of the content so we can assess how the Kindle would be (in the same way as with Evernote Clearly we can clean a distracting web content and also facilitate passage Evernote). In addition, all content we send to Kindle will be stored in the Amazon cloud and store them on our own (as if they were a book) and access everything from the Kindle application for mobile devices and tablets.