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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Features, Hi-Fi and Audio |

Sennheiser Momentum: depth review

Sennheiser Momentum: depth review

We are in a time when the headphones are more than just accessories for music. Slowly and as they were popularizing the digital music players (especially because Apple is no longer enough that no more grace two wires going from the pocket until our ears. People want to look good.

Apple understood at the time and white headphones designed much more decent than average. The problem is that it never really sounded good. The same formula was applied and exponentiated by Monster with Dr. Dre Beats that their looks are inversely proportional to the sound (ie heard horrific).

In fact, it seems that the trend these days is that the more beautiful are the headphones, the sound is worse. Well, Sennheiser is here to prove just the opposite. And boy did it.

The Sennheiser Momentum are probably nicer circumaural headphones I’ve used in my life. But that is nil, the important thing: the price range is the best in sound I’ve tried. It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you first start to play music with them, but it’s pretty special. Combined extremely comfortable as they are, have a sound experience hard to beat.

As I mentioned in previous reviews of headphones, the three most important to me, with respect to such devices are:

  1. They have to listen very well.
  2. They should be as lightweight as possible.
  3. Must be extremely comfortable to use for hours without discomfort.
Sennheiser Momentum: depth review image 2

The Momentum meet the three points, by far, but also incorporate some very interesting details that make them very special, one hand is very neat building, mixing two premium materials: leather and metal, which will not only make look good, but they are largely responsible for what they are lightweight and comfortable. As a good German product, form meets function and not vice versa.

As for sound, the most important by far, has been charged with maintaining a good low-level but not to the excess that attracts like flies to “bassheads” but it bothers the rest of the world because it’s impossible to hear any song well . The media are sufficiently separated from the low and high maintaining good detail in every hue.

Sennheiser Momentum: depth review image 3

One of the things that struck me when using Sennheiser is the emphasis given to the midtones, a trend of strange audio (usually rewards the high and the low lately) but eventually made the most of the music I listen to sound better than ever.

During the last two weeks I used the Momentum to walk from my home to office and back (a distance of about 6 miles) and honestly I can hardly think of other circumaural headphones that were so comfortable and so nice on the head. Anyway we should not expect anything for 300 dollars / euros that cost.

Sennheiser Momentum: depth review image 4

Sennheiser also try to call the attention of those who use our smartphones to listen to music and is a cable that includes interchangeable microphone to answer calls and talk on the phone without having to take off the headphones, and remote control for volume up / down and pause / forward / delay the song we hear.

The only problem? building material because the remote can seem heavy, which is a bit impractical in certain situations.

If you’re not interested in the microphone and remote control, simply use the other cable.

Are also responsible for designing the detail connector with 3.5 mm stainless steel and the possibility of bending at 45 degrees with respect to the cable, so that in certain situations more comfortable.

Sennheiser Momentum: depth review image 5



Hearing aids are a functional accessory to hear quality sound and this should always be the primary motive for acquiring and number one. Yet there are thousands of people opting for Dr Dre Beats that look good and sound lousy. Sennheiser has responded with Momentum and makes a mockery of the competition.

It is difficult to fault the headset. Honestly I would like to bend to take up less when they are saved, and the microphone / remote lighten and practical. Beyond that, I have no complaints. The highly recommend.

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