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SEO and SEM: differences and tips for beginners

SEO and SEM: differences and tips for beginners

One of the concepts that we hear in digital marketing is SEO. also hear about and, for inexperienced ear, it’s amazing how the two concepts can be confusing. Although they have in common, are very different. So today let’s take a brief tour for beginners on the two concepts, and then explain what your main uses and how we can use them without necessarily devote to it.

What is SEO?

stands for Search Engine Optimization, or optimization of search engines, such as for example Google. It is primarily an organic process, which means that it is not paid. This is the fundamental difference. This is improving the visibility of the website in search results of search engines, so that they are positioned in the best way possible.

To have a proper SEO strategy, we have to take into account many variables. For example, we have to consider the algorithm used by search engines, keywords, layout, content-essentially, links, indexing, and more things that we will review in a few lines.

What is SEM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and herein lies the fundamental difference. We improve the positioning of our pages through paid advertisements. In some places, SEM can be taken as a broad concept that also encompasses SEO, and generally optimize makers dealing with these two issues. But it is important to distinguish between the two.

SEO does not require us to make any purchases, while SEM itself. But it has its tricks, it has to be a smart buy because we have to know what words are buying and why, and properly distribute the budget that we have been given. Luckily, each agency or company can have an expert to this.

How to use them?

It is possible that we are just starting out and need some tips to make smart investments and measures, and also know how to plan the activity of our website to better positioning in the search engines.

For SEO, we recommend these tips:

  • Prioritize the content: for something we insist on each of our posts on the importance of the content. Having original articles, new information, not copied, it is very important not only to be in the “grace” of but also to retain users, which ultimately will stay longer and come back for our content and not by keywords we use.
  • Update followed: to create a website and leave it floating on the Internet is not enough. She has continued to update to show the search engines that we operate. To do this, we can for example add a blog to keep you updated with daily or regularly respectable.
  • Pay attention to the key words: although we have to be constantly aware of this, it is something that must be given importance. Keywords have to be, as far as possible, present in the URL, we will see at some points-in the text, and even in the title of the page. An SEO expert can advise correctly.
  • Create accessible HTML code: this is basic. Let a good place to keep our users with its usability, but also to demonstrate to the search engine spiders that we mean business.
  • Use keywords in the URL: Keywords are important, so Let us keep in mind when creating URLs. Some sites even prefer numbers, but SEO is better to use descriptive URLs.
  • Getting links from other sites: the exchange of links between sites, especially sites respected by search engines is crucial. This can be achieved with certain agreements, or simply creating interesting content that captures the attention of others to the point of wanting to link to our pages.
  • Create a site map Content: Content maps are useful to users but also improve our search engine ranking.
  • Insert links carefully: just the ominous habit of putting “click here”. The hyperlink speaks for itself, and our users are not idiots. A few months ago wrote an article Marilín super useful tips bond well .
  • Consider users: our users are those who make our site popular, and if they enter a search, it is important to stay a while. So when do we draw up the design and content, we have to have high aspirations, do not look for a site “just like that”.
  • Keep a variety of traffic sources: Although search engines are a huge source of traffic, do not know if tomorrow changed its algorithm and wreck our visits. Let’s try to build a community with social networking, newsletters and subscriptions to maintain a steady flow of visitors unforeseen happen though as mentioned above.

For SEM, we talk about smart shopping. For example, do not direct our users to landing pages that do not really explain or respond to the consultation that took first in the search. Or buy keywords that are obvious, such as the name of our company. Knowing how to organize the budget, according to the different types of Ads, know where to put the ads at what time, is essential.

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