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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Curiosities, Software |

Serious flaw in iOS 6 causes exaggerated consumption data

Serious flaw in iOS 6 causes exaggerated consumption data

We have discovered a bug in that could be behind a mobile alarming in many users. Users who have seen, hardly change their usual patterns of Internet use in their iPhone, has increased the number of MB consumed, and in some cases (depending on operator and data plan details), also the cost of the bill later this month.

This has to do with streaming audio playback and the sound management of downloaded files from other applications (such as WhatsApp, or especially Podcasts application or service iTunes Match). His behavior was causing drainage data: downloading a file server as many times as reproduced through both outrageous and inexplicable consumption for users with this problem, whose appearance depends on the applications and make use of them. In any case, this is a bug and not a problem for misuse should not have appeared.

Someone close with iOS 6 experienced this problem, disproportionate consumption peaks (400 MB in one day being the usual 15 to 30) without having changed the usual pattern of exaggerated form, as do many minutes of streaming video, download music, or do tethering. After putting on an application that will monitor megs consumption by applications, the result was coincident with disconcerting but now found the cause: not from any specific application, but the service of audio or video system.

Globally, the alarm was given by The American Life , who has given this serious error, got to get a comprehensive study of our source, who did not like the results we know. Now is when I wonder what would Apple obligation to be accountable to all users who experienced this problem, especially those that cost them pay more for going over your data plan (other operators only castrate the speed of navigation). Although I see with natural conviction that nothing will happen. Although a failure and that also costs money, undermine the confidence of its users.

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