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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Technology |

Set new record in quantum communications

Set new record in quantum communications

It is said that the future of will have a close connection with quantum mechanics and, more specifically, with the paradox of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen ( EPR paradox ) since it lays the foundations of quantum telecommunications that are beginning to be a reality in several centers worldwide. The last experiment involving quantum communications has been developed in the Canary Islands where an international team of researchers has been able to teleport a quantum bit (qbit) spanning a distance of 143 kilometers (traveling between the islands of La Palma and Tenerife).

Although talk of “teleport” or “teleport” in the field of quantum communications, the concept is somewhat different from what we might imagine (especially if they come to mind images of teleportation systems of the world of science-fiction ). In this case, scientists entangled photons in various facilities on the island of La Palma and, using a high power laser, fired one of these photons to the receiving station located on the island of Tenerife (a distance of 143 kilometers of separation ). Then, by varying the quantum state of one of the photons, the photon is in the other island is also instantaneously changed (the change is transmitted to the speed of light and no delay) and, therefore, speaks of teleportation (and the establishment of a quantum communication channel).

What’s so important about this experiment? To date, the record distance covered by a quantum communication was at 16 kilometers (in an experiment conducted in China two years ago), but have managed to cover 143 kilometers is more interesting because it’s about the same distance that LEO satellites orbit (LEO those) and therefore could be set in the future quantum communication channel with these satellites.

Able to communicate with a satellite quantum could be a very interesting technological challenge since also offer highly secure communications (thanks to quantum cryptography ) that would be impossible to intercept (ideal for government and military applications) and if such communications we add quantum computers could get computer networks that would be connected, instantly, with each other.

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A very interesting experiment and, above all, with great significance because it brings us much closer to a new era in communication systems.

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