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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Social Networks |

Share files via Google Drive Google+

Share files via Google Drive Google+

Since Google launched Google+ , little by little, all services have been impregnated with this social layer in which we interact with the contacts that we maintain in our circles, find the content they share our contacts and, while we searched Google, find results that have already been visited by our friends and those who have made the famous +1 button to indicate they are of interest and recommend. Find Google+ access any Google service is not something that makes us strange in the same way to share any content on this social network.

Despite this policy, reinforced by the “single view” of Google’s new privacy conditions in which they are all Google services as one single, it was strange that we share content stored in only possible through Gmail, sending a link explicitly or through services like Facebook or Twitter.

With the idea of providing access to files we store in Google Drive and share with others, when we click on the option to share the file, you will have the option of copying the url (for distribution as appropriate to best create and invite other users ), share the link through Gmail, Twitter or Facebook and, new, from today we will share the link directly through Google+ thanks to the inclusion of a new button.

Share files via Google Drive Google+ image 2

This development, in the background, not surprising because it is something that is in line with what Google has been doing all this time, integrate services and provide content that we can share with our contact Google+ circles (which is very interesting when you consider the great visibility management of shared content that has Google+.) With this idea, the same way we can share content from our Dropbox account wherever we want, now we have very easy to share a link to documents or files stored on Drive since such bonds are issued directly as a post in Google+.

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