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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in News |

Sharp has an incredible 90-inch LCD panel

Sharp has an incredible 90-inch LCD panel

moved an incredible 90-inch LCD panel. Immense when compared to the size of the TVs we’re used to having at home. To give you an idea of the size, fits perfectly on this screen a whole person to actual size.

As you can imagine, this is aimed to be used mainly in commercial spaces that could be used for advertising. It would be an awesome experience to see at the entrance of a store in a spot that size certainly get our attention. If you are placed vertically people would be represented according to reality. From Engadget found out that according to a survey by the national health service in Japan, women on average measured 157.5 cm while the men stood at 170.7 cm.

In addition, this panel incorporates LED and thanks to its controller automatically adjusts brightness considering the content being broadcast and ambient light. This meets in dimensions of 1055 x 122 x 1.197 mm and a total weight of 75 kg.

Although this 90-inch panel is positioned as the flagship of the company also have plans to launch two smaller models focused on digital advertising. They plan to release a 60-inch version in January and another in February of 70 inches. It’s a good thing because it offers much more variety to choose from, we must keep in mind that not everyone needs a big panel. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that all three have a 1080p HD resolution.

This new Sharp LCD panel will be released on January 28. The price is still unknown but we figured it official several thousand dollars worth considering the features it has.

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