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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Software |

Sherpa, the Spanish rival Siri is now available

Sherpa, the Spanish rival Siri is now available

Less than a week ago we reported on rather peculiar development being carried out in Spain, the Sherpa, an assistant through the voice for Android devices that want to compete with Siri, the intelligent assistant exclusive popular Apple. Well after the wonders that have been heard on this Spanish rival for the Apple platform, since this day is now available.

Yes, the first release of Sherpa is not the final version, this is a beta version, test, but that is open to the public, a move made with the idea that all users contribute leaving comments to improve the faults they see in the platform, so developers put their hands to work and solve these problems.

Sherpa, Google wants to compete with Siri Now and to incorporate some unique features such as the power transfers and payments through PayPal only use voice without leaving the app, thanks to an agreement with this company have reached payment online that will allow the user, for example through the application find out information about a flight and buy a plane ticket, all this talking to the phone only.

This platform created in Spain also play songs or bands via streaming through an agreement with a company in the area, something fantastic and we will not need to have all your favorite music in the library of our smartphone or tablet, but Sherpa ordering only the play. Yes, this functionality is restricted to Spain for rights and permissions issues, but promise to work to offer it in other territories.

Besides these two spectacular features, functions Sherpa has more “core” of a voice assistant such as searching and displaying information about people or characters, open applications, call contacts, see our mentions on Twitter, update our Facebook status, perform mathematical operations and display the results of the Spanish Football League.

However, the bad news for many is that now Sherpa is only available to users in Spain, but they promise that sooner or later will reach other countries, also has some compatibility issues with Ice Cream Sandwich terminal and has some bugs . But as discussed their makers, expect the user feedback to solve all these problems.

Sherpa is free and available for devices running 2.2 or higher on Google Play Store .

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