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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Free Software |, real-time analytics for Twitter topics, real-time analytics for Twitter topics

Statistics on Twitter are still somewhat complicated issue, because, in principle, and unlike Facebook, the network does not give us the bird too many options. features to some of its partners, which means that the official numbers are available only to those who invest in advertising. But we have not had a chance to try it so I do not know how accurate it can be. On the other hand, generally require analytical information processing which can take days until, as is the case Insights Facebook. So we try very interested , a tool that allows us to “burn” tweets related topics that interest us, in real time.

The shingly operation is very simple and just requires that we have a account to use it. Obviously, it’s a paid service, but we can try it for free with a limit of 10,000 registered tweets-this will be discussed later. These tweets can be deleted so that when we’re done with our free limit, unless we pay, we can reset the counter to 0 to continue using it. We tested shingly and ultimately we felt that it is a useful tool for monitoring real-time issues, a kind of personalized trending topics where Twitter search is maximized, a kind of steroid Search lest we miss anything.

When we began using shingly, we find the obvious: synchronization with the Twitter account. Once we do this, we turn to another screen where you should select the keywords you want to monitor the service. In this case, as it was my personal account, select the words “music, technology, Apple and Microsoft” to set an example. If this is the first time we’re doing this, we will have access to this tutorial, always accessible from the top bar at all times, if we forget how to do something.

Registration of keywords works the following way: now, with which I entered I know I’m looking shingly texts related to music, ‘music, # music and more. Once you start with this, shingly start “record” conversations that are in our timeline. We can pause at any time using the orange button you can see in this screenshot:, real-time analytics for Twitter topics image 2

To delete all recordings that have so far, we have to push the delete button found on the bottom right of the screen.

Now to the interesting part: what shingly recorded on our tweets. We find a panel started with a chart records the amount of tweets with those keywords that have been made in the last few minutes-this is completely configurable, below which find tweets related to our keywords. In the sidebar you will find a panel from which much can refine the search, which indicates which of these tweets have a URL from which devices were made, what kind of users, and more., real-time analytics for Twitter topics image 3

Let’s admit that we searched quite wide. Let’s sharpen our terms a bit more to see if it is really working shingly. For example, modify the search term for “Bitelia” and “ALT1040″ to know what is being said on Twitter about our beloved publications. This will help us to have a more effective monitoring: as with all things, the more closed are our keywords, the more effective the job the application. In this case, when we turn to join the panel, we will have more concrete results. We have to let some time pass until we can find them: The more refined are, the longer it takes to record tweets. This is normal., real-time analytics for Twitter topics image 4

What do we think? It is a very useful tool to monitor keywords closed, we do not provide many results. If, for example, we are doing a competitive analysis of a big brand, we serve because users generally do many tweets in a short time. But the more we limit our search, you can find more useful service.

This is how we think shingly is an ideal tool for community managers and social media managers who have to be well aware of the feelings of the community on a particular topic, for bloggers who want to know what readers are saying Articles -URLs can also track-and for ordinary users who want to know what is being said about a particular topic. With a free account, we can “burn” up to 10,000 tweets, and then reset the counter to 0-without having a record of previous recordings, and continue to use it with another issue that we seek.

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