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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Mobile |

Shot Remote controlling the camera of our mobile device through another

Shot Remote controlling the camera of our mobile device through another

The quality of the cameras that are included in smartphones and tablets allow us, in many cases, dispense with conventional cameras when immortalize our special moments, the places we visited or unique details we found on the street (well providing us the opportunity to share this information through social networks). In fact, the quality of the photos you can scar with some gadgets like smartphones together with tripods or zoom lenses allow us to improvise a small studio laptop anywhere.

Many mobile devices include a timer with which to introduce a delay between when you press the shutter button and capture the picture long enough to put us in the picture after focusing, for example. While this feature is available in conventional cameras, they also include the ability to use remote controls something that is not easy to find in a smartphone or tablet unless, for example, resort to an application available on both and Android: Remote Shot .

Remote Shot, which is available both on iOS and Android , is an application that allows us to control the camera of a mobile device from another mobile device. Although it may seem strange scenario, we can connect with via Bluetooth to other mobile device and control, remotely, the main camera and the front of the device, the flash on or off, use the timer, get a burst of images or use the camera to record a video. Through Bluetooth connection can be displayed on the mobile terminal the image captured by the camera of another device and, at the time of linking and run the application, you can select which “acts as a camera” and which acts as a “remote control”.

The idea is quite original and, although it may raise a scenario that we like something out of a James Bond movie may be well to remotely control a tablet or smartphone that we mounted on a tripod to record or take pictures without having to stand at the screen.

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