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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Six-strikes in the United States: the connection will drop the “pirates” of BitTorrent

In just two weeks in the United States will start the system adopted by France and the Hadopi law, the controversial Six-strikes, six notices as anti-piracy measure. A proposal to major ISPs reach reduce repeat offenders connection infringement of copyright or restricting navigation to certain pages.

Last year was the MPAA and RIAA who were associated with the five largest suppliers in the country to implement the so-called Center for Information (CCI). All parties agreed to a system whereby users would be alerted in case of copyright infringement. After several warnings from the ISP, in this case six, they could adopt a series of repressive measures to punish alleged offenders.

It has been leaked that AT & T will block users’ access to popular websites until they complete an education course on copyright which they hope to clarify the guidelines to follow, but so far no vendor has publicly said the measures plan to take.

Now through a lecture in New York with two of the giants in the U.S., Verizon and Time Warner, citizens already know some of what to expect.

The first to speak was Hoewing Link Verizon. He said the company will implement a three-stage process and alerts. The first two alerts will result in an email, a simple notification informing users that their contractual relationship has been marked by the copyright infringements.

After the second warning came a recognition phase in which they receive a letter or notice. Subscribers are required to read and acknowledge receipt of the same, a process designed to ensure they are aware of the unauthorized distribution taking place through your account.

If violations continue punishments come after the fifth and sixth warning. Hoewing says repeat offenders will have reductions in their connections with speeds much slower. A state described as “temporary” to be constructed in two or three days.

The second speaker was Fernando Laguarda, president of Time Warner Cable. He reported that the company will have a slightly different approach to that of Verizon. Notifications will be similar but instead of reducing the connection speed will be restricted navigation directing Internet users to a landing page.

In two weeks you’re ready to start a new system in the United States against “piracy” in the network. An original system adopted in France where P2P users will see reduced their connection or even the inability to access certain content or pages from your provider.

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