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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Social Networks |

Skipping blocking Instagram to Twitter using IFTTT

Skipping blocking Instagram to Twitter using IFTTT

One of the most interesting aspects of services like Facebook, or is the existence of APIs that enable developers to create new services relying on these resources or improve the experience of using these social networks using plugins or alternative clients who access these services. However, for some time, services such as Twitter have begun to exert a kind of dictatorship with its API in which, from one day to another, are left to support services. Yesterday was Instagram which gave a rather unexpected twist to block the display of photos on Twitter , a change that precedes the elimination of photos inserted in tweets to boost site Instagram profiles that were released a few weeks ago.

A few hours after this announcement seems to be a way to “surround” the restriction of Instagram to return to enjoy the Twitter Cards in tweets we generate when we share a picture through this social network (increasingly less mobile). And what is the solution to the problem? How can regenerate Twitter Cards? The answer is a very popular service that helps you automate tasks and interoperate between different services: IFTTT

The charge of preparing this recipe has been a user of IFTTT, known as djbentley , who has thought about the future removal of the images embedded in tweets and designed a simple procedure to integrate Twitter Instagram and now it looks like both services have decided away (despite being a symbiosis that worked particularly well).

So what’s the idea?’s Recipe, which has been used over 300 times, assumes that the photos we visit Instagram climb accompanied by a specific hashtag, #Twitter, so if detects this hashtag in a photo that we will turn up the recipe and automatically be uploaded to Twitter and tweet will be generated with the same image. What we get with that? When uploading the image to Twitter, like a self-image of Twitter it were, it will enter our gallery of Twitter and will be displayed in the timeline.

A recipe more interesting if we continue to share our pictures on Twitter and they look without having to access Instagram.

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