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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Software |

Skitch now available for Windows

Skitch now available for Windows

One of the best applications for quick editing of images and screenshots that there is no doubt Skitch. For a long time was limited to Apple’s Mac computers, however, Evernote was done with it and since one of its main tasks was the arrival of to all possible platforms. After coming to iOS and Android devices, today has reached Skitch Windows, being one of the most anticipated releases.

Skitch comes to the Microsoft platform in two versions for both desktop computers , as well as new versions of Windows 8 and RT, which is available through the Windows Store . The latter has greater appeal to take advantage of the touchscreen and the new interface of the new version of the operating system from Redmond.

In the case of tablets with Windows 8 or RT also includes the ability to add images to capture and map directions, thus indicating the location where the catch was taken or perhaps add an address on an appointment we have with a group of friends or contacts. Also, works great with “Split Screen”, a feature that comes by default and allows Windows 8 while we are using an application, to display another that is being executed in the background.

In short, Windows Skitch brings all the functions for which notes, as is the case for quick and easy editing of images, taking screenshots and the ability to edit, highlight some areas in the images, add text, legends or arrows with instructions, without having to learn to use more complicated tools like Gimp or as expensive as Photoshop.

In addition, users will enjoy seamless integration between the two tools, and synchronization with Evernote application for Android or iOS mobile devices.

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