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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Gadgets |

Sky WiFi SmartPen: much more than a pen

Sky WiFi SmartPen: much more than a pen

Today, thanks to technological study has become an easier task, or at least with more facilities. Now, LiveScribe has introduced the Sky WiFi SmartPen which as the name suggests is a with smart features. Although many take notes on their tablets must be taken into account that the pen and paper has many followers. However, note that there are two brackets pens for both .

This is a pen that lets you record voice memos and save them to ourselves comfortably thanks to its synchronization via WiFi. This greatly improves the previous models of the brand since before it was necessary to connect to the computer via a cable to transfer all data. However, come with internal storage capacity also: is available in 2, 4 and 8 GB.

The great strength of this pen is the connection with Evernote . LiveScribe has decided to leave its proprietary software to make way for a much more popular with millions of users all over the world. The main advantage is that now we can access our notes from any device on your computer if you’re in class, in the tablet or the phone itself to have them always at hand.

Nevertheless, we still use their notebooks to write. In them we find several buttons: Sync Now serves to immediately transfer all data to the cloud, when you press the Record can capture audio and what we write simultaneously and finally stop with the Stop. Then I leave a video for you observe its operation.

Note that from LiveScribe aim to extend the charter of synchronization services. They plan to incorporate Google Drive and Dropbox, but for that we wait until early next year.

If you have been struck by the Sky Wifi SmartPen you can purchase from November 1 from 130€ for the most basic model of 2 GB. Also available is 4GB for 150€ and finally the 8 GB for 190€.

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