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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in News |

SkyDrive comes to the Xbox 360 with new applications

SkyDrive comes to the Xbox 360 with new applications

The new SkyDrive application for Xbox 360 allows you to connect your console to the cloud so we can have the photo, video, movies and other files you’ve uploaded to from our Windows ecosystem , on your television.

The advantages of introducing the new SkyDrive on the are based on three main stages:

  1. Share a significant event with our friends, or see our pictures and videos on the TV SkyDrive with our family.
  2. Windows Phone users who have connected the device to the console through the available applications, can be immediately performed each photo or video with the phone on the big screen.
  3. Make great slideshows on a big screen during events or meetings with your files in the cloud.

In addition, the new SkyDrive application for Xbox 360 supports gestures and voice controls for Kinect, so we can make a slide show or a movie just with our voice orders.

The SkyDrive application will be available starting today for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers in social applications section of the new dashboard.

The Xbox 360 team also announced today through its official blog the arrival of 40 new applications to the marketplace on Xbox 360, among them we highlight that reach Spanish-speaking countries:

  1. Azteca (Mexico)
  2. Crunchyroll (most areas)
  3. Deezer (most areas)
  4. Fightbox (Spain)
  5. GameTrailers (Spain, Mexico)
  6. (Spain)
  7. Machinima (most areas)
  8. Televisa (Mexico)
  9. TV3 (Spain)
  10. VEVO (Spain)

All applications should be available before the weekend in our consoles, and Xbox 360 team opens the door for the arrival of a new wave of applications in the coming months.

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