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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in News |

Skype solves its terrible security hole

Skype solves its terrible security hole

This morning have jumped all alarms when it was revealed the tremendous hole that has allowing anyone who knows the e-mail account associated with our power to change our password and leave us without access.

Apparently, this vulnerability was discovered and exposed in a Russian forum two months ago. And it is incredible that neither Skype nor Microsoft had fixed the terrible problem until today, when it has met the public. This morning Skype, as a preventive measure, has disabled the ability to reset the password to prevent anyone can do to control ourselves. However, later communicated in his official website that he had solved the problem and they were trying to contact the few users who might have experienced this problem.

However, our privacy may have been compromised. That is, until today, anyone could have entered our mind thus having free access to our content. Indeed, in The Next Web have successfully reproduced the attack this morning showing the simplicity that was needed to access accounts without the owner’s permission.

It’s hard to believe that a company as reputable as Skype, acquired by Microsoft last year, present a security breach of this magnitude. Also comes at a critical time since Microsoft is encouraging users of Windows Live Messenger will pass since Skype will remove it .

In the bad, after the news expandiese by all means, Skype has reacted quickly and fixed the problem before many users were affected. Now he can only worry about users who have been affected during these two months. Will it build this certain reluctance to use the application?

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