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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Mobile |

Smart Launcher provides access to your Android applications

Smart Launcher provides access to your Android applications

Like, with the passage of time, many ended up populating icons, files and folders on our desktops PCs in a kind of chaotic mosaic; different desks or screens of our mobile devices can also end with the same look chaotic in which, sometimes, we find it hard to find the shortcut to an application or finished searching the list of installed applications. Place shortcuts to the most used applications or use widgets, as BlingBoard can be two approaches to solve this problem that we can solve using applications like Smart Launcher that concentrate most common features to enable us to manage our Android smartphone.

Smart Launcher is an application that offers a launcher, ie concentrated under a single application to access the features and applications that we consider most important, saving having to find where the shortcut icon or having to turn pages by list of applications installed on your Android terminal. We classify the applications by category (telephone, Internet, multimedia, accessories, configuration, etc) as well as having a “roulette” (quick start) with access to the most common features: the camera, messages, gallery multimedia, music player or phone.

This application is interesting because, in addition to not consume many resources, classifies all applications you have installed (and continue classifying us to install), offers a minimalist design and greatly facilitates access (with few clicks) to applications (thus offering practical use and comfortable to our terminal Android).

It’s worth installing it because, unlike other similar applications, it is very easy to setup and does not require an expert Android application to customize to our liking. The application is free but there is also a paid version that also supports widgets.

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