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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Mobile | 1 comment

Smart Memory Booster, Memory squeeze your Android terminal

Smart Memory Booster, Memory squeeze your Android terminal

Smartphones and tablets we offer many facilities for access to content and services that are of interest to us from anywhere and virtually anytime. In fact, it seems that every time we tend more toward using mobile applications and devices for navigation, relegating to second place our laptop or our desktop computer. For devices , this tendency to use increasingly mobile applications means that, on occasion, we experience performance problems when you fill the RAM module or to accumulate the cache files associated with applications.

Spending time, occasionally, to the maintenance of our mobile terminal is something that we have said occasionally, and not only when backup is important but also “hold off” the cache of applications and, of course, free up RAM of the device for a better user experience, a task that we can perform with Smart Memory Booster .

Smart Memory Booster is a free application whose main role optimize the RAM memory usage of our Android device, a finite (and in some low-end terminals is finite too) that poorly managed can slow the execution of our applications and give us the feeling that applications crash or the terminal gets “hung”.

With this application we can go releasing RAM using different criteria and even automating the management application to handle the job for us. In automatic mode, the user can define a priority of memory usage to different applications running on the terminal so that, if necessary, the application knows which are unnecessary (or lower priority) in the event of having to reassign available resources based on the maximum amount of memory that have defined for each application. In case you want to apply a management manual, the application offers a widget with which to monitor the amount of memory consumed and should be close to the limit, access the application to force, by hand, a reallocation of resources or a “cleansing” of the applications that use them.

Well worth checking out this application if, for example, use a low-end Android handset (the typical give away many operators) that precisely suffer from having very little RAM and if we use many applications, experience is not very good.

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