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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Events, Technology |

SmartCities, the future we bet Telefónica

SmartCities, the future we bet Telefónica

Telefónica has used the Mobile Forum Conference 2012 held on 21 and 22 November in Barcelona to showcase their technology bets for the future of cities in the short and medium term: the SmartCities, hyperconnected cities for the benefit of its citizens, its economy, and Administration.

By a walk in which Fran Delgado, consultant Telefónica Demonstration Centre, we would explain the details of each point, we saw what the urban areas of these SmartCities performance.


In this field there are two ways of acting. On one hand, the creation of applications for following distance chronic patients to expedite waiting times and avoid them having to travel to your hospital or clinic when they can offer solutions where feasible. Furthermore, the creation of an application of the Spanish Social Security of imminent onset (year-end) for Android and iOS, with which to perform the most common procedures.

SmartCities, the future we bet Telefónica image 2

Currently there are five basic steps, but is expected to expand the list to two hundred. Since arrange an appointment to the GP to ask for a history of working life. The basic idea is to eliminate the cumbersome digital certificate request web page, because with the data you already have the SS and the system created, the reliability is very high, having different levels of security depending on whether simple or procedures other more personal and confidential.

Bus stop

Probably the strongest bid, known as the Smartquesina. As its name suggests, a smart marquee resulting in benefits for both users and businesses and local government. From the marquee itself can buy tickets, check routing times, etc.. with smartphones with NFC chip. The innovation arrives with the camera that actively monitors the people waiting.

SmartCities, the future we bet Telefónica image 3

If many, automatically send an alert to the driver have to get to that rush. It can detect the age range and gender of each user to provide different types of advertising on one of their screens, the interior. The outer LED technology can operate autonomously thanks to the solar panel located in the top. A bet that seems unsafe to implement short term given the situation of the Spanish economy, and the need or value of purchase third-party products while waiting for the bus.


The paradigmatic case is Malaga, where they have been performing this service tests, with very positive results. There have been 10,000 users in the mobile application that makes use of, and 5,000 of them use it regularly every month. With it, you can see which car parks are closer to your location, and how many seats you have, and the cost to park in the car, and if you wish, paying from within the application.

Can also be used with ORA areas (commonly known as blue zone), on sections equipped with sensors embedded in the pavement, with a reliability that claim over 99%, also can display the available seats, and facilitates payment from the terminal, since agents supervisors with their detectors, can know through fees if the car owner has paid or not to park and how late, without the usual ticket on the dashboard.

Other shops

  • Offices: The application has been designed to have a real dashboard in our tablet (but is adapted to smartphones, the worst showing for space information) that allows a enterprise quickly and vividly how they are working in real time their stores and which records the movements of each box and databases. So, in just seconds from transactions that occur, you can see your progress, and the employer will decide whether to act, without having to wait for future reports.
  • Coffee: It seemed likely that a trade like this, the smart was in new forms of interaction between the server and the client, or viewing the letter. But no, it centered on classic arcade, and the solution they had created in the form of application for tablets with which maintenance technicians can check and send real-time information to your company, in order to increase safety and bring data exchange absolute immediacy.
  • Clothing Stores: There is nothing new applications for tablets that have large fashion chains. In the SmartCity point to go somewhat beyond, bringing the figure of personal shopper (assistant buying clothes). This makes use of geolocation, which help the user to quickly see which stores are closest to him, and once browsing the store catalog, can combine different clothes and see how they simultaneously. The application also accompany their choices will suggest supplements that have previously been advised by a royal personal shopper, and make the purchase, you can choose to send it home or in-store pick desired. One way of promoting the use of such software will include specific reductions.
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