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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Smartsheet: professional project management in the cloud using Google Drive

Smartsheet: professional project management in the cloud using Google Drive

One of the first steps we take when faced with a new project is the planning phase in which we divide the project into phases and tasks they assign deadlines (deadlines) and, of course, define task dependencies. A typical representations of the schedules of the projects is through a Gantt chart , a graphical representation of the planning also used during project implementation to monitor and verify, for example, that we “in date “. Many times, when we speak of tools for the first thing that comes to mind is Microsoft Project but, besides existing open source alternatives , cloud services can be found as Smart Sheet that also integrate with the seamlessly with and allow us to work together with others.

Smart Sheet is a cloud service oriented project management that enables you to work with partners who are part of our project team to track the execution of it, allocate resources and, of course, prior define project planning.

At first glance, the interface offers us a vision shaped worksheet but we can change it to a view in form (like we do with Gantter ) and, thanks to the integration with Google services, attachments we have in Google Drive (to illustrate some key tasks and attach documents as monitoring reports or deliverables we have done) and, thanks to Google Calendar, move to our calendar the deadlines we have committed.

The tool, overall, is pretty good and can be an interesting way (which incidentally is also present as a Chrome application ) with which collaborate remotely with a team that is in multiple locations. Considering the services offered, and how well it is built, the application only offers a trial period of one month and, from there, it works with subscription models starting at $ 15 per month, ie a price to be considered and ascribes the use of the tool to the professional rather than personal projects.

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