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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Uncategorized |

SmoothWheel makes you more comfortable reading from Firefox

When we surf the net is not uncommon to find pages that require extensive in content we handle the scroll bar up and down and therefore advance what we are reading. Today, thanks to the keyboards, mice and touchpads that come with scroll, sailing is more or less comfortable but, it seems, in and Thunderbird can still do much more comfortable thanks to an extension called SmoothWheel .

SmoothWheel is an extension that serves both to Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey up for the project, with which we have more control, if possible, from the scroll forward or backward in these applications and, therefore, in the case of Firefox, can access the information in a more comfortable way. And what is this comfort? What we are going to notice? Apply Applying the scroll speed is dynamically adjusted to the length, and therefore the content of it, and the speed with which we are moving the or scroll in the arrow keys.

As the author says, the extension implements an algorithm that tends to anticipate the user, using detected faster when we’re turning the page and scroll much slower for readability. To accommodate further extension provides various customization options / configuration to adapt much better idea of the scroll and shape our reading habits.

If you’re a little snob and also you usually access digital media and content published on blogs, perhaps, this Firefox extension can make you much more comfortable experience.

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