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SMS 20 years

SMS 20 years

While services like WhatsApp , Line or BlackBerry Messenger have made us relegate to the background the SMS , this channel of communication has been a major source of revenue for mobile operators, a service that although originally it was never intended as one the “core business” of mobile seeping finished to perfection among users (in many cases surpassing use their own voice). While the first call using the GSM standard was produced 21 years ago , the first message originated almost a year and a half after today and December 3, 1992, an employee of Vodafone had the honor of becoming the first user to send a text and how could it be otherwise, the message is used to congratulate Christmas to someone else .

“Merry Christmas” (or more specifically “Merry Christmas”), a message that many users have sent via SMS to your contacts, was the content of the first SMS message history, a message that was sent on 3 December 1992 (a day like today but 20 years ago) between two engineers working for Vodafone in the UK. Neil Papworth of Sema Group, was the engineer in charge of writing this message so simple and yet so important to Richard Jarvis , a director of Vodafone, in tests of the new GSM standard was added this high capacity within its range of features and services (but, yes, the first SMS was launched from a mobile terminal to use but was used a computer).

That day Vodafone wanted to try sending SMS to Richard Jarvis, a director of Vodafone at the time and that was at a Christmas party. So we sat at a computer and write the email that was sent: “Merry Christmas.” [...] To me it was another day doing tests, it seemed that we were doing something so big at the time

Originally, the SMS (Short Message Service) began to emerge in 1985 (like the GSM standard itself) and initially was conceived as a facility to send messages from the operator’s network to user terminals, ie as a broadcast service between exploiting the point-multipoint signaling channel used by the GSM terminals to the base stations, ie radio resources consumed not jeopardize their reception during calls and also meant a cut in the voice call.

While these text messages were first-SM MT (Mobile Terminated-Short Message), ie, from the network to the users and unresponsive, Nokia (who actively contributed to the development of GSM) developed a system that allowed leverage this capability to offer it to users, at which time the MO-SM was born (Mobile Originated). Nokia Developing complicated scheme operator’s network by adding a new “component” to the standard, the SMSC (Short Message Service Center), ie central short message services that would be responsible for receiving all messages sent by check users and systems related to subscribers ( HLR and VLR ) if the sender has to send the message balance or, for example, where is the recipient (in which node if network-operator or whether route the message to the network of another operator).

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One factor that contributed to popularize the use of mobile telephony was, no doubt, since the SMS became the low cost alternative to voice calls, in its origin, had a very high cost. For years, SMS has been a star services in the field of mobile telephony, for example, every Christmas and every New Year millions of posts filled the delivery queues operators around the world, dates identified in the flooded SMS mobile networks operators to the detriment of voice calls.

Services like WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger Line or the tables have turned in this sector and have been relegated to the background to SMS since we offer interactive communications leveraging data connections (many bonds with traffic limit) or Wi -Fi we have available, reverse the operators have responded poorly and later with their own services (Telefonica Tume or Libon Orange) or sets as Joyn in an attempt to look for a niche in a market that they have lost and are unlikely be able to recover.

While viewing habits have changed and we have evolved, SMS is one of the services that has marked the sector and even reached as far beyond the 140 characters of Twitter, precisely, not are coincidental and are closely related to SMS, and that although we have forgotten, when data connections on mobiles were not so widespread could send tweets using SMS.

Images: Stock Xchange and The Globe and Mail

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