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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Curiosities |

Snowbull: learn to ski lying

Snowbull: learn to ski lying

For those of us in the northern hemisphere we just started the ski season. The mountains are beginning to have a whitish color and bright day makes you want to throw at full speed down the slopes. But one problem is that many people do not know how to ski and is not able to withstand the blows that involves learning. To remedy these problems now bring the Snowbull .

The Snowbull is a mix between and go on a sleigh. Ski skis and take turns sliding on its surface. But instead of standing use which makes the concept of a seat is in the middle position and will enable the occupant stretched. Both skis are carving, to allow for more grip in corners and for occupant use a patented system that makes it can maneuver reliably.

The feet are placed in wedges that allow us not into full swing and a lever helps the profile of the ski to dig into the snow and plot twists better. The Snowbull is a device that has been available for some years. Weight 7kg in both normal and 4kg in its carbon. But what is remarkable is that this winter is a new version with some improvements.

For starters we have modified the braking system. If we have to move before the upper part of the supporting surface towards the floor, has now been added a lever that allows the braking system is more robust and act more forcefully. Changed the position of the occupant is not now so stretched. Also modified the anchorage system to the skis, because now it can be adapted to all models.

The Snowbull may be suitable for lovers of high speeds, as the shortest distance to the ground we will make the sensation of speed is greater than on skis. Its creators also recommend to ex-skiers who have joint problems in knees or legs. Although not as it should finish the back. The new model is sold for 150 € and includes skis. In the video you can see the old model.

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