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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in SmartPhones |

So are distributed among different versions of Android terminals

So are distributed among different versions of Android terminals

One of the biggest problems of Android, from the point of view of developers, is fragmentation. The arrival of version 4.1 better known as Jelly Bean, included a new variable to take into account and after two months of submission worth checking out as it is.

Android Developers site recently revealed statistics that reflect the current distribution of the different versions of using as sample data devices visiting the Android app store, Google Play, during the days between August 21 and September 4.

As seen in the image, Jelly Bean is starting to appear in numbers and is installed in a little over 1% of Android devices. A number that may seem low after 8 weeks in circulation and considering the effort that many manufacturers and carriers are doing to bring the latest version of the operating system to compatible devices.

We can also see that over 55% of Android devices run on Gingerbread yet, while Ice Cream Sandwich is just above 20%. What indicates a short between these two versions cover almost 80% in a total of eight versions of Android that have come out officially.

Meanwhile, Honeycomb is a version that has gone through more pain than glory, but it is worth remembering that this is geared towards the segment of tablets and manufacturers never really took it seriously. Just take a look at the offers on the market to realize that still offered tablets with Gingerbread, while the more “innovative” have opted for Ice Cream Sandwich.

When he calls my attention to Froyo, plus previous versions it even be present in just over 18% of the terminals, and quite a number that speaks clearly of how fragmented the market continuously.

In my opinion, it is too early to submit to a trial Jelly Bean, which is fair, because this version practically needs a new generation of devices (which have appeared) they can maximize their profits and give us users a good user experience. March 1 will have to wait months to reassess the situation and see if eventually Jelly Bean manages to have the desired effect, which depends directly on these new devices I mentioned, for those who have already installed Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwhich, can hardly upgrade to a higher version, at least officially and without sacrificing performance.