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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in SmartPhones |

So is the new LG Optimus 9

So is the new LG Optimus 9

This afternoon we attended the event LG Optimus L9 in Madrid. This is a phone that stands out for its excellent design and screen. It is very ergonomic, it fits perfectly in your hand, is neither too large nor too small. By using appreciate great fluidity. Let’s review then the most significant points.

At first glance, the most surprising is its 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 960 x 540. The IPS-LCD panel that helps brings vibrant color and true to life. However, for a screen of this size may be somewhat low resolution compared to the resolution of 1280 x 720 of the Galaxy S III .

As for its features, has kept the general lines of its previous models. It has some features metallic and very square lines resulting in a very elegant look reminiscent of the new Xperia . The mobile measuring 13.1 centimeters long, 6.82 wide and 0.91 thick. For its size the L9 is fairly light as it weighs only 125 grams.

So is the new LG Optimus 9 image 2

L9 The LG Optimus runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich but have plans to upgrade to Jelly Bean. The house itself has added some interesting features.

  • Quick Translator: This tool can focus any word thanks to the camera and get a translation instantly, you can choose between more than 60 languages. Note that is designed to translate a word or at most one line, no paragraphs.
  • My Style Keypad: This feature aims to make writing a comfortable experience. If we put the phone vertically, we can slide the keyboard to adjust the keyboard to the right if you are right-handed or left otherwise. When the phone is in landscape if slid two fingers in the opposite half of the keyboard will stay glued to the left and the other to the right, leaving a space in between. Thus, we can write more easily on a screen of this size.
  • Quick Memo: This function allows you to write or draw on any photo or screenshot and then share it with your contacts.

The battery of this model is 2150 mAh. According to LG, with this capability can end the day without the phone leave us lying as it has 30% more capacity than the other phones in its segment. When we review the terminal, see if fulfills its mission.

The LG Optimus is a mobile L9 noted for its large screen, sleek design. It is very comfortable to handle with one hand ^ ^ thanks to the possibility to modify the keyboard according to our needs. The interface is very visual and especially fluid. Undoubtedly, this smartphone ** situated halfway the midrange and high end has left me a good impression to impose Will other manufacturers?

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