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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Events |

So it was in Windows 8 launch in Spain

So it was in Windows 8 launch in Spain

Yesterday was one of the most important days of the year for the entire ecosystem consumption, which announced the worldwide availability of its new product .

The new operating system that revolutionizes the way to handle a wide range of hardware options, comes with the difficult task of improving the most successful in the history of the brand made by Windows 7, which is running today in more 650 million devices.

On day in began with a press conference to the media guests, among which we found ourselves.

Mary Garana, President at Microsoft, emphasized in the introduction:

With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft is introducing a reimagined Windows available on any device, either in a tablet or a laptop so that the user can consume and create content as needed.

Another of the highlights of the press conference was the importance of the applications created by developers, in collaboration with institutions, organizations and Spanish institutions. Although no official data were provided on the number of applications available globally by launch day, if it is confirmed that Spanish was one of the most important markets with a high percentage of applications in the Windows Store .

Gonzalo Die, Director of Development and Platforms at Microsoft said:

Windows 8 applications are a significant business importunity to Spanish developers. Thanks to the new philosophy and design guidelines proposed by Windows, applications for the new operating system will allow users to enjoy a richer experience, unique and different.

To celebrate the launch, Microsoft hosted an evening party at the store FNAC Callao in Madrid, to which were invited celebrities, media, company employees and partners.

So it was in Windows 8 launch in Spain image 2

The retailer changed its normal schedule to allow consumers who wish to purchase a new system from 0:00 pm could do, and so, in addition to being invited to the party, to be among the first to enjoy some of the advantages that we have been going through in recent days.

Until the end of January 2013, users who are using your device in an older operating system can access the online download Windows 8 Pro for estimated final price of 29.99 euros. Exceptionally, those users who have bought a PC with Windows 7 from the June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013 have access to a download of Windows 8 Pro at a price of 14.99 euros advantage of the offer update .

Moreover, the price of the boxed version of Windows 8 available at major retailers in Spain will have a price of 59.99 euros.

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