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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Internet, Web 2.0 |

Social networks make history: Memolane, and Photojojo Timehop

Social networks make history: Memolane, and Photojojo Timehop

When we talk about social networking experience its immediacy: all there referred to the conversation in real time, and there is possibly one of its greatest assets. But we should not fail to recognize they have much value when you consider his past and the great filing system they represent.

Almost without realizing it, every day we are building the most comprehensive journal about our life that we had thought, our thoughts, our conversations with others, photos, videos and even record our geolocation.

Immensely valuable and which certainly appear to be realizing various web services. Facebook became a timeline of your user profile, giving far greater importance to the facts of the life of each person, giving each of the updates a unique and historic sense … Updates that strangers may not mean much but have a huge emotional and experiential value for yourself and your contacts.

Twitter has also been considering this issue. Dick Costolo, CEO, announced this year that are working on a system so that anyone can recover your old tweets , allowing you to download a File with written updates so far. Attempts to dive into the vast archive of Twitter, in fact, have been one of the features most requested by users of the community in a while, so there are many ways and tools to search and retrieve old tweets .

There are even specific services to remember our past in social networks. Memolane and Timehop are two similar services that serve to create a timeline of everything that we recorded in different social networks, so we can enjoy the wonder of returning to a given day but have spent many years and see what we said on Twitter, what we put in Instagram photo or what music was playing through our

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We can do going to the web, but I think it’s best to be surprised with their shipments. Both services have a system of emails where you do get a sort of time capsule where you surprised by what you posted makes 1 or more years. The truth is that when I started using these tools do not see much sense but after a while I love getting your emails go back and remember what went through my head on the same date but makes one or more years ago.

Social networks make history: Memolane, and Photojojo Timehop image 3

is simpler and only contains the updates to 4 social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram, however offers both timelines as your updates from your friends in many more services in addition to those: Facebook Pages, Flickr , Google+,, TripIt, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, WordPress or an RSS feed.

And speaking of nostalgia in an email, it is impossible not to mention the fantastic Photojojo Time Capsule . It has a search system or file updates but limited to photos and a subscription is just sending emails. But fail in a very simple to generate the surprise of receiving email from time to time the images you photographed a year ago, what you wrote about it and the ability to send a message from there to your future self in a year.

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