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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Social Networks |

SocialSeek, a free service to monitor what moves the Web

SocialSeek, a free service to monitor what moves the Web

More and more companies and brands that are committed to having a presence on social networks, and therefore, using platforms like Twitter or Facebook to interact with your users or promote your products, news and, ultimately, strengthen ties with their community . While there are many advantages of this online presence, many people are still reluctant to this kind of activity to avoid “what people think” users or receive little or nothing nice comments. Regardless of our business or our present strategy , it is likely that users talk about us, talk about things on our products or directly criticize us but in the end, all this information is important and we collect it for action or improvement, directly, find new business opportunities.

Active listening and monitoring are two activities that will be integrated into our workflow if we decide to implement or manage the presence in or anywhere on our company or to a third party. Logically, in addition to reviewing our own profiles, it is important to locate sites where we also discuss and gather information that will help us to improve or find opportunities.

In this sense, since we can not have eyes and ears everywhere, it is common to use tools to lend a hand in locating areas of interest without having to have open “n” browser windows with seekers Twitter, Facebook, etc. While tools like TweetDeck or HootSuite allow us to keep “columns” with specific searches and review, in real time, to be published, there are other alternatives in the net worth and let them consider to favorites alongside Addict- o-matic , Backtweets or Tinker , of which we have spoken on occasion.

This family of tools worth adding SocialSeek , a free service (which makes us a little publicity) that enables you to monitor, in real time, specific thematic (a word or set of words) on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook , Flickr, blogs or news and public events. The information is displayed in columns (in this sense reminiscent HootSuite or TweetDeck) and can browse each to locate references to the topic of the search and identify problems, locate prescribers of our brand or our product, news or publications you talk about us, etc.

SocialSeek, a free service to monitor what moves the Web image 2

To use the service, you really do not need to check (or install the Chrome app ‘s available) but if we checked we save searches we make and publish a “mashup” with power search and create topic pages around specific search.

On the other hand, allows us to translate content “on the fly” to the language we indicate (although we all know the reliability of this type of translation), we can navigate the “search pages” created by other users, search the topics most searched on Google (according to Google Trends) or the most sought SocialSeek.

You may not have the power of some listening and monitoring tools of a more professional (ie payment) but prespuestarias reduced allocations or for example, a quick scan of what moves I think the net worth keep this type of tool.

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