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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in News |

SOCl, the new social network from Microsoft

SOCl, the new social network from Microsoft

Currently there are several markets that are having an incredible boom in the world of consumer electronics and technology in general. First are located mobile devices, whether smartphones or tablets, then applications for these mobile devices, and finally, the social networks , that although they have not been very present in the headlines in recent weeks, with growth there and faster than ever. Only just look at Facebook and its one billion users on the planet.

But Microsoft is a huge company, and after his successful venture into the world of video games and now with mobile devices like Windows Phone 8, it was expected that from Redmond launched their own social network, and this is “SOCl” announced a year ago , but today they just live their launch to the public with many new features and improvements compared to what introduced in November 2011.

SOCl originally was a merger between search engine and a social network, an attractive bet that appeared under the slogan: “Find what you need and share it.” However, much has changed in this year compared to social networks, and many exciting new platforms of this type were born, such as the popular Pinterest.

SOCl is why now seems a strange but attractive designs merger between Facebook, the search engine Bing and clear, Pinterest, and experience its makers describe as: “Our idea is to democratize the design and make beautiful posts,” which can be seen as the environment of each publication will be very focused on the images it contains.

SOCl, the new social network from Microsoft image 2

Now with Bing integration works in a curious way, and is denoted especially in the way that makes up each post or publication on this network, as they first have to select a general category such as “Music”, “Movie” or ” Animals “, to name a few, and then put a title to it and a text, if desired. All this with the aim of not only our contacts in the platform can see it, but anyone (if the user allows it) can reach that by publication type single keyword. Reminds me a little by the “Hashtags” Twitter just ignores the words in the text of the content but we select that category.

After several months in a trial period, SOCl is available to all. If you want to test the new commitment of Microsoft in the world of social media, please access your official website .

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