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Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Technology |

Software Wars: A film about the open source philosophy

Software Wars: A film about the open source philosophy

In the age in which we live, there are many technological advances and they work largely through the use of software, however, these advances often pose obstacles in their development because of the control exercised by the companies that develop. This is the main argument of the film is sought Software Wars geeks and inform the general public about the importance of the use of and the advantages it gives both users and developers.

More than a film, is a documentary based on a portion of the book called ” After the Software Wars “(freely available and highly recommended) who wrote Keith Curtis (primary producer). He spent 11 years at Microsoft until he decided to adopt the philosophy of free software, so I know what it is to work on both sides: In the free software and owner.

The way in which the project is being funded through crowdfunding on IndieGoGo and the goal to develop the project is 150,000 USD. The documentary is interesting for the way in which it approaches the subject with information and interviews with the likes of Linus Torvalds, Jono Bacon, Greg Kroah-Hartman and Guy Martin. To name a few.

The release date (if you reach the goal of $ 150,000 USD) would be scheduled for June 2013 and the distribution of the film will be both digital and physical. It seems to be a good initiative to encourage more community involvement projects open source software also involve average users learn the benefits of adopting this philosophy.

Those involved in the project and describes the documentary:

is a film about the battle for our rights to share our ideas about technology. The software will not be owned by companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google that impede technological progress.

A very clear statement of the problem is the use of custom searches and assistants as does Google Now or Siri. Both are not open to other developers contribute with more features to help us in everyday life, everything is controlled by Google or Apple and they decide what to include or not.

Software Wars will have to be on your list of movies “Geek” to see in 2013, no doubt.

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