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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Internet |

Some misconceptions about SEO

Some misconceptions about SEO

Recently commented with you some important things to keep in mind to keep our websites are penalized by Google as a result of the new algorithm that uses the form. But, beyond the algorithms, there are some misconceptions many have about how really works.

The SEO is not only following some rules so that Google and other search engines are “enamored” of our web sites and although I would not know whether to define it as an art, a science, a combination of both, or none of the above, is of course it depends on many factors.

Over time I realized that many ideas circulating on the web, in relation to SEO, not entirely certain and some others are not explained clearly enough, what makes these is wrong and will lead to the mistake when going to practice. In my opinion, the most common are:

Keep updated our blogs

As this sentence main idea is not bad, what is wrong is to assume that “current” refers only to publish content with some frequency, which is actually very important because the search engines love fresh content and current , however, is not the only thing to upgrade. The SEO is constantly changing and we must be aware of the changes to update the entire structure of our sites to suit them and not be left behind in the race of positioning. It is also valid check our stats to determine which pages are generating the most traffic, update some links and bring more traffic to the latest content.

Most links = better positioning

In principle this was the rule, but the SEO has changed and now care more about quality than quantity. Many believe that buying sites in the known links “link farms” will help them better position, but the truth is that today fall into this practice is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, because Google penalizes sites that strongly intended to deceive its algorithm to better position. Not that the number of links pointing to our site does not matter, it still has a lot to do, but the ideal is generated naturally and come from places as reliable as yours. Thousand links pointing to your website that appear suddenly in a place “X” are viewed with disfavor by the algorithms of the search engines.

The positioning depends on the PageRank

Sometime PageRank metric was more affected than the position of a site in the search results, however, this is no longer true. In fact, taking the value of PageRank as a reference, today is a mistake, even Google does not give the same importance that was some years ago. The position today depends basically on the above: upgraded sites, fresh content, quality links. The PageRank is no longer a factor.


As mentioned at the beginning, SEO depends on many factors, most of them clearly dependent quality rather than the quantity. Not enough to observe a few rules, use the labels below and know how to select the keywords, is a much more demanding job that requires time and effort, which is not enough to “get it”, but must them well for best results.

I’m not an SEO expert, but my time working on web development and design has allowed me to discover that not all information on positioning circulating the web, even coming from characters recognized as experts in the field-is true. It is necessary to research, read a lot, compare opinions, but above all it is important to measure the impact of the changes we made on the position of our websites, in order to accurately determine what works and what does not.




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