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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Technology |

Sony closes the cassette recorders production

Sony closes the cassette recorders production

Today we are used to hearing music from digital formats, whether CDs, MP3s or audio straming services like Spotify , the truth is that in recent years we have become accustomed to travel out or playing sports together with our players digital music, or directly with our own smartphone relegating to the background (or directly to the attic) other gadgets and formats, for example, tapes cassette . Although in October 2010 (after 31 years on the market) announced the withdrawal of its legendary Walkman , the Japanese company has followed this format linked to (which many thought disappeared from the market) with cassette recorders but, as announced , these products will disappear in early 2013 thus putting an end to the era of the Sony tapes.

I confess that I found rather strange news since, at this point, was already missing these products (especially with the retirement of the legendary Walkman in 2010) thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and its ability to record sound as well as the existence digital voice recorders. Perhaps, if we consider that these devices have traditionally been linked to the professional environment, Sony has decided to prolong a longer market their production until demand has dropped to a threshold untenable raise any new product developments or existing production.

When one begins to see the CD almost obsolete, thanks to Mp3 (we can buy easily from Google Play or iTunes) and streaming services, very surprised to see how the market has endured in the cassette tape since it is lanzase market in 1963 by the hand of Philips and to become a market standard precisely because of pressure from Sony that got licenciase rival format for free.

Cassette tapes were, for decades, and l interchange format music users around the world long before CD burners, compressing files in MP3 or percolated P2P sharing among users. For nearly 40 years, cassette tapes let us bring our records or songs that we liked from our CD collection to our car, to your portable player (to get more travel light), take our favorite music the house of one of our friends to engrave a treadmill or jumping for a moment to the world of fiction, make Rob Fleming, the character of Nick Hornby’s novel “High Fidelity”, can demonstrate their knowledge of music recording the “Collection perfect “.

Are we witnessing the death of the cassette tape? Maybe you are even a few years of life, for example, while many systems of modernized record that still use analog audio systems but, logically, is doomed to disappear commercial having already become a collectors item for many fans music.

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