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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Video Games |

Sony Introduces New PlayStation Store

Sony Introduces New PlayStation Store

Finally Sony has deigned to redesign your online store entertainment through its various game consoles, the PlayStation Network Store. And is that while they talked for days about a facelift PlayStation Store, including some Company spokespeople mentioning during the Tokyo Game Show, today surprised us by presenting the new PlayStation Store, which looks fantastic.

Certainly the current version of the store has a very boring interface, simple and with a nice blue background or anything original, so many users watching this redesign that gave the interface Microsoft Xbox 360 in late past, and wanted something to PS3. Well Sony now completely renewed interface your digital entertainment store and announces its ready availability in the market.

The main interface changes now denote PS Store is divided into sections for games, movies and television content on the main page of the platform, however, the “News” shows the most recent releases regardless of type of content is concerned and always has.

This new PSN Store is much more mature, with a more orderly and serious interface in the menus, but whose every page is based on a character from a title, movie or video of the most recent and shows the header image focuses on the character “Connor” game Assassin’s Creed III, close to release.

The search function has also been improved completely, changing the keyboard that appeared on the screen to enter the keywords you want to find content for a vertical list of letters with intelligent auto function to avoid having to write more than three or four letters before finding what they seek.

The new PS Store arrive in Europe on Wednesday, October 17 by a system update. In the United States and the rest of America will arrive six days later, on 23 this month.

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