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Posted by on Sep 24, 2012 in Apple |

Sony is responsible for the camera of the iPhone 5

Sony is responsible for the camera of the iPhone 5

Following the introduction of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 for almost two weeks, there are still many mysteries to solve, such as knowing who is responsible for making some of the internal components of this wonderful smartphone as the or its new A6 processor.

Since last September 21 in some countries began to distribute the to those who had booked, and among them were some of the leading analysts of gadgets as “iFixit”, who already showed us inside the iPhone 5 . But one of these smartphones also fell into the hands of Chipworks , and they told us all about the new mobile cameras Apple.

These guys have found after an intensive analysis of the sensor 8 MP main camera of the new iPhone 5 is manufactured by Sony, thanks to the “signature” found in this component, as seen in the picture accompanying this article. This is not surprising for two reasons: First, because Sony had worked with Apple in this field, being responsible for the wonderful camera that integrates the iPhone 4S .

Sony is responsible for the camera of the iPhone 5 image 2

But the second reason is perhaps the most important, and not only is that has the technology needed to develop a camera as spectacular as incorporating the new iPhone, but also has the capacity to meet the demand for components by Apple, ie taking into account the millions of iPhones to be sold in the coming months, it takes the same amount of millions of components, and only a company as big as Sony could supply them.

However, this task is still not easy. In fact, there is talk that Samsung wanted Sony will manufacture a 13 MP camera for your Galaxy Note II , but the Japanese could not produce them, as this terminal will also have great sales on the market, and the responsibility of supplying the chambers of the new iPhone, even Sony has such capacity.

Finally, the sensor that Sony has developed for the new smartphone from Apple has incredible results , and that has improved the quality of photographs that capture the iPhone 4S, something that seemed impossible a year ago. On the front camera of the iPhone 5 have found that is produced by Omnivision, a major rival of Sony in this market.

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