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Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Hardware, Technology |

Sony VAIO Tap 20, the 20-inch tablet with Windows 8

Sony VAIO Tap 20, the 20-inch tablet with Windows 8

Occurred a year ago one of the best news that has happened since then to consumer electronics: Sony bought Ericsson . Since then its products, such as smartphones and tablets, improved considerably. A year later, the bench wobbles undertaken with a device that catches the users on the wrong foot. A tablet of 20 “and 5 kg.

Windows 8, surely the most significant leap in quality that has Microsoft with its operating system in history, winning much on a touch screen like the Samsung Slate 7 . It was hoped that manufacturers lanzasen implement these screens on their computers anticipating the release of next October 26 . He did HP, Asus did, and there will still not all. The risk comes when instead of computer touchscreens all-in-one, designed to be the family’s home media center, tablets are offered in sizes as disproportionate to improper performance computers have been introduced in 2012 and has a margin of maneuver due to its large size.

That just made it with your Sony VAIO Tap 20, the news sighted in Geek . The 20 refers to his inches. A monstrously large tablet that also is a computer with specifications that leave a bitter taste. At least in its basic version, which is not exactly cheap. For $879 we take home a device with a 500 GB hard drive, Intel Core i3 processor and 4 GB of RAM. Some components that are not adapted to a mobile device cause the most fundamental part of a mobile device is stunted: has a battery life of two hours. However, putting more money on the table we can move to a SSD (with battery which should improve) or an i7 processor.

Sony VAIO Tap 20, the 20-inch tablet with Windows 8 image 2

So, we can go goodbye to their mobility in the sense that you have a tablet. First, because a plug constantly be dependent. Secondly, it will not be feasible to remove the home, with the exception of one case, and taking into account weighing 5 kg. Posts to leave it at home, you might think that here it makes more sense. But as I said before referring to its internal components, loses some steam in terms of power. However, the screen itself that is optimal for managing Windows 8. Apart from the generous size, has a resolution of 1600×900, which allows removable media support it with a much smaller angle than a laptop, to handle also with a mouse and keyboard, but it becomes uncomfortable to continue using their touchscreen.

Sony VAIO Tap 20, the 20-inch tablet with Windows 8 image 3

However, it does not seem a bad product, but ignoring its share of tablet in the sense that we are accustomed. This is a home computer, to squeeze the many benefits of Windows 8, and will likely be used as a family entertainment center. No wonder that some of their promotional images of hands are the children playing on it. It also supports spills and knocks on the glass panel. If we want to use a tablet over where we can also work with computer and mouse, more manageable and light, and with Windows 8, surely seduce us more alternatives as mentioned Samsung Slate 7 or another Sony innovation, the VAIO Duo 11 (11.6 inch touchscreen 1080).

The latter, and the VAIO own Tab 20 will be released on October 26, coinciding with the arrival of the latest operating system from Microsoft. The starting price is $879 for the basic version, price-scalable want to add better features in terms of RAM, processor, and storage capacity.

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