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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Uncategorized |

SortMyBox automatically organizes your files and folders in Dropbox

SortMyBox automatically organizes your files and folders in Dropbox

Since its launch, has been characterized by its extremely useful. We did see a little more this “novelty” that is the cloud storage, but when we started using it, we may not have the we would like. We have spoken on previous occasions about some great apps to get the most of Dropbox, and these days we have discovered another recommendation: SortMyBox , a free application for organizing our files on Dropbox folders in an automated way.

This tool is very useful when we are end users of Dropbox and works in a very simple, in the same way we can create “rules” or “tags” on the most popular emails. What makes is create a special folder within Dropbox folder will review every 15 minutes to see if new files have been added. With the rules we have specified in advance, these new files will be moved to the appropriate folders for SortMyBox. The truth is not too difficult a job, but if we have a huge amount of folders we can save several minutes.

Also, another benefit of SortMyBox it’s completely free and can be downloaded free of problems Github. It is an open-source project so you can always lend a hand if you know how.

To make the rules work correctly, we have to specify them. For example, all files with extension. Avi should be moved to the folder “Videos”. All files that contain the name “Test” or “University” should be contained in the folder “University”. Create rules are very simple, and does not require too much knowledge. These rules are editable, so if you eventually decide that we need to have more in order to have an optimal experience, can also be added.

In addition to people who have a lot of files, is ideal for those with some devices sync with Dropbox. For example, if we want our Smartphone store a copy of all our photos to Dropbox, you can create a rule that specifies SortMyBox a particular image extension is moved to the photo folder. The possibilities are almost limitless because this application is entirely based on personalization through rules.

With Dropbox can do many things, but being organized is crucial. SortMyBox is an app to really take advantage, because it saves us a lot of work and really allows us to take full advantage of having automatic sync Dropbox with many devices today.

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