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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Entertainment |

Spotify Apps: these are my essentials

Spotify Apps: these are my essentials

For some months Spotify is adding extras and social functions for the community by applications built on its platform. First it was in December 2011, with its renovation and there came the first batch . Although the catalog was initially sparse, it expanded in March and today we find a variety of apps designed in HTML5 by companies and third parties through its API, can display them within the client.

This reversed Spotify lack of social functions that we missed many services such as users: the need to share music with friends and to meet new artists, get recommendations from your community. Today even has its own app within Spotify, which together with other Spotify make something that goes far beyond a music player.

If you used hitherto much applications, I suggest you give them a look, because they help to seize much better options Spotify. For example, the playlists are a great idea, but sometimes do not have time to do them. Many good apps use them to propose issues and make them automatically according to gender or type of artist that we like. I’ve been using and testing various since leaving and I would recommend that I have not stopped using.

Any Decent Music

It has two main sections. In the first, Reviews, offers you a number of issues that we are talking about and into each can, and listen to the whole album, see the score you have given and a list of scores for several sites websites have reviewed, with a brief summary of the review and link to read it in full. The Chart section shows you a list of albums rated considering 50 different sources, with the score and the possibility of adding a list of music to listen to.


Create lists based on different criteria: artists or bands, countries, genres and Facebook friends. The result is novel and also can add the list you’ve created that you can search from the other users have made. Also be notified of new releases.

The Guardian

Some of the best reviews of albums I’ve ever read in my life came from The Guardian, and that’s just for me and is a must see this application from time to time. Here publish all the reviews of the latest releases, with the possibility of listening to the entire album and share it. The application does not have much but since it complies with its usefulness.


The publication of reference for music recommendations could not fail to have your app in Spotify. In it, the people of Pitchfork upload their reviews as they are published, with ratings and ability to send each album in a list to our collection. One of the essential to keep up with the latest releases.

Hype Machine

One of the best music sites has its own app on Spotify, and here is dedicated to recommend themes across all blogs that are part of Hype Machine, creating lists of recent items recommended by them. The result is a great number and variety of music in the form of lists you can add to Spotify, choosing them for their blogs: by gender or recommended. As a bonus, you’ll meet new publications that write about music.

The app on Spotify uses its greater wealth, database tastes of its users to propose new music based on what you’ve heard. Do not forget that with the integrated Spotify scrobbling in all you hear is adding to your story listener, and this improves their predictions.


An app to automatically obtain the lyrics to the songs you are listening, it also allows you to edit and add them if they are. Have another tab which will show the lyrics that are Trending and lets you make a playlist with these issues. They have apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS, and desktop for Windows and Mac


Another application to view lyrics but also to share and dedicate lyrics to your contacts. It lets you see more shared letters in your community.

We Are Hunted

WAH is a place that I love and have achieved great design unit with Spotify app, which is practically the same. Proposes different rankings: one with issues and emerging artists, another with more mainstream music and another genre. With each of them you can listen to songs individually or make a playlist. You can also create an “instant playlist” where putting the name of an artist you like it or any of those suggested by them in the act have a list of good music to listen to.

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