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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in News |

Spotify introduces new tools and introduces Metallica

Spotify introduces new tools and introduces Metallica

Spotify has just held an event in New York in which the co-founder of the company, Daiel Ek, introduced a new music recommendation system , among other innovations. Additionally, Metallica discography is available on Spotify. In fact, the drummer of the famous band from Los Angeles, Lars Ulrich, shared the stage with Sean Parker for the presentation.

Ulrich and Parker explained how was their relationship after the first demand.Campaigns the second for its music download service, Napster. In any case, the arrival of these musicians would be a major boost to the service, it could attract other major bands.

The recommendation system is based on the artists and songs that have been played, but also in the people who follow each user. Also likely include touring groups who are (or will be) near the location of each person. Therefore, the renewed Spotify to help artists approach their followers , so that the benefits are not only economic.

Among the new features is also the possibility of following artists, famous or even politicians like Barack Obama, in addition to normal users. Spotify verify their identity with a marked similar to Twitter. So now you can see what the musicians heard at all times. On the other hand, when you get new songs or albums to the service, you will receive a notification.

In this regard, the company is aware of the importance of discovering new music for its users. So now you can listen to previews snapshots (called preliminary sample audio) of the most popular songs of artists without leaving the playlist is active.

On the other hand, the manager gave some data on use, and growth of Spotify subscriptions:

  • Since there are 20 million active users. Of these, 5 million are paying subscribers.
  • The company has already paid $500 million to the record
  • 1,000 million have been created playlists

The beta of this news will be launched shortly and is expected to be fully available in early 2013.