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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Internet |

Spotify is testing a web version of the service

Spotify is testing a web version of the service

One of the services, no doubt, is contributing greatly to the transformation of the music business and the feasibility of using the Internet as a distribution channel is Spotify . It is rare to find, at this point, someone who does not know this service you can listen, under a freemium model, streaming songs and albums on our computer or, if you have a premium account from our mobile devices or from a Smart TV . Despite the widespread use, one of the negative aspects of was the absence of a web version with which to use the service without installing a desktop client (a barrier for many users who can not install software on corporate teams), a seeming lack could be overcome because, starting today, Spotify is testing a web version of the service .

Services like Grooveshark or Google Play offer users a web version from which you can listen to your favorite songs without having to install a desktop client, which is not always possible and I did, in the case of Spotify, the service does not be so portable. The idea is not to replace the desktop client, but the company would supplement it with a much more simple to use by not requiring the deployment of software.

While the news came first as rumor, via The Verge, The Next Web has received telephone confirmation from Spotify and 2013 could be the year we see this alternate client (although the rest of the year seems to be be tested in a very limited beta with “elected counted”):

We can confirm that we have released a beta version of a web client Spotify we’re testing with a small number of users. Potentially an interesting additional functionality for those times when you can not play music using the desktop application, such as at work or at a friend’s house. Next year we will offer more details of web player

Spotify is testing a web version of the service image 2

According to the information handled by The Verge, the Web client would look similar to desktop client (quite logical) and include the form, the Spotify Radio, managing playlists and news section. Given that the mobile client does not work with free accounts, one might think that only the Web version may be available only for such users but apparently, the Web client also would enable users to Free beads and, like in the desktop client, the advertising inserted.

Diversify the input channels to the service is, in my opinion, a good strategy to increase customer base Spotify is simple and if we access (avoiding having to install software using the browser and enabling), is much more likely to use Spotify compared to other alternatives (and use it at work or not is an important factor for many users).

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