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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Internet, Technology |

Spotify will be present in the Samsung Smart TVs

Spotify will be present in the Samsung Smart TVs

Tablets and smartphones have changed our habits network access because, little by little, we have been relegated to the background the browser of our desktop computer to spend more time accessing information across applications. The application development is a very active market that has crossed the mobile arena and is present in browsers like Google Chrome or even reaches the living room of our home through smart TVs or Smart TVs. Speaking of changing habits, is another clear example of how you can change the music business and how we access it, a service that is present on mobile platforms and computers of a large number of users and, Thanks to an agreement with , will also be present on Smart TVs from this manufacturer.

Spotify and Samsung have signed an agreement that will allow holders of a Korean manufacturer access Spotify services through your TV (obviously connecting it to the Internet). In the same way we could access Spotify from our mobile devices with a premium account and installing the application on your device, users can access the extensive music catalog Spotify through your television later this year in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Spain.

The agreement benefits both companies since, on one hand gives the service catalog content and Samsung Apps (with a powerful incentive as Spotify) and, moreover, to Spotify opens a gateway to new users to pay for a subscription to the service. With this idea of mutual benefit, Spotify has developed a specific application for this new medium with the idea of making it easy to use with the TV remote control and that, shortly after its release, might also extend to Blu- ray and home theater systems from Samsung (which makes it even more interesting).

And the pairing of music streaming and Smart TV would work? Diversification of income sources is a common practice in business and in the case of Spotify, balance the books with an increased number of users subscribed to premium services is a strategic goal, especially bearing in mind that advertising revenues tend to decrease (something that is happening in general in many ways). In fact, according to Samsung is not exclusive and Spotify opens the door to close similar deals with other manufacturers of consumer electronics (thus opening more gateways to service).

Considering that Samsung has been cutting deals with services like Skype to offer through their televisions and has initiatives such as the Incubator Apps , it seems that our relationship with TV is changing thanks to smart TVs.

Personally, access to Spotify from the Home Cinema or TV seems like a very interesting asset to subscribe to the premium service.

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