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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Intellectual Property |

Star Wars and the wall of the copyright for ever and ever

Star Wars and the wall of the copyright for ever and ever

Disney bought Lucasfilm and we publicly announced strategy was saying that it was “re-generate and distribute quality content.” Behind this purchase millionaire might think that it is not just to “maintain” the quality of a work like at the time. If was the banner of extending to Mickey Mouse, or more recently with the purchase of Marvel, a frantic sequence of tosses haphazardly … Star Wars movies could be a combination of both strategies. A franchise that await the several sequels by the perpetuity of copyright , even if Lucas is gone.

Disney has a history of buying iconic brands with a common denominator, the total closure work about copyright “unconscionable”. Following the purchase of Marvel in 2009, the company embarked on a frantic race movies and merchandising, many of dubious quality and some other versions or sequels already launched on themselves. The sequence tells us that by 2015 there will be 17 films from Marvel.

Marvel’s example probably helps us to think about what lies ahead for Star Wars. The Disney brand attached to Marvel strengthen copyright of some comics that started in 1939 … and history tells us that Disney will maintain the profile of the characters for a long time, claiming copyright under the laws that they themselves have changed time. And is that as long as a company or company to further develop and recreating their copyright properties, it can claim the same. This is why Disney / Marvel has released the influx of films about comics in the last decade, need to renew their copyright claim before it runs out.

Lucas Possibly you liked this idea, to preserve the image of Star Wars at the time. According to the director said yesterday:

It is time for Star Wars to a new generation of filmmakers. I’m doing this so that the films have a longer life. More fans and more people can enjoy them in the future. The most important thing is to protect these people and ensure that they continue to live in the way that we create.

More or less comes to say that Star Wars will not have “versions” out of copyright for at least the next 100 years. For starters, have already announced three Star Wars films in the coming years, and according to Disney, is planning to launch more than every two or three years. Same strategy as Marvel tells us new characters and stories to “renew” the copyright in the future.

Star Wars was released in 1977, so now copyright would end in 2072 (95 years after its creation). But history repositioned companies like Disney in a network which seeks the perpetual copyright to generate more “culture” (more money) in works that in some cases, were not even originally theirs, as Alice in Wonderland or Snow White or more recently and now Marvel Star Wars. Nobody but Disney may use these works.

And what about those fans and fans who enjoyed the rights relatively “free” Lucas had offered in 2002 ? If the Star Wars universe is what it is today, you owe it to the legion of fans over the years have actually created the “culture” of the work. That year, offered fans a recognition with the arrival of the Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards, an opportunity for anyone to make versions of the play and the universe making his own productions, in many cases, large works full of wit .

More, later, in 2007, Lucasfilm released even a number of tools to facilitate the versions of Star Wars content. Although all the works that used the facilities offered by Lucas belonged to Lucasfilm, it was a step up from other franchises in the world.

It is unthinkable that this could happen with Mickey Mouse at Disney, the company that set the pace of the copyright in time, the same as in 1998 lobbied Congress to extend copyright terms … and which today owns Star Wars.

Disney and many of its current work indicate that the public domain is not “as bad” as the copyright. It also tells us that thanks to these companies, since 1923 the “culture” is frozen in a state of intellectual property as interest increases over time.

If today there were copyright born with its founders (copyright with 14 years), the original Star Wars movie would be in the public domain since 2005 and its aftermath from 2008 and 2011 respectively. If so, now could debate with facts if poorer, culturally speaking, the public domain of a work of this caliber to the current model. We can not, at least for 95 years, companies like Disney will not allow these works see the light outside their doors.

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