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StayFocusd: Avoid distractions while working with Chrome

StayFocusd: Avoid distractions while working with Chrome

When we work for goals, that is, when we perform certain tasks within a deadline and we have room to distribute to us the work, if we are not disciplined and do not follow guidelines for planning and prioritizing, we run the risk of the dreaded deadline arrives and we have not performed the tasks. When tasks we do not like too much we can fall into the dreaded procrastination and postpone for nicer things, whether other tasks or simply use the work in leisure time. If we work with Web applications, the temptation to go to have a look at Google Reader or review postings made by our friends in Facebook can end undermining our and perhaps jeopardize our job.

One way to recover the path of productivity is, of course, put aside all those distractions to focus our efforts on what we have to do. With that we can find some browser extensions that help us avoid bad habits to block us access to websites that solamos look at our leisure. In the case of using can use Nanny for Google Chrome to set the lock, as slots, web pages that we consider unproductive and, following this same path, we can find another alternative in the Chrome Web Store is StayFocusd .

StayFocusd is an extension for Chrome that, like Nanny, offers the ability to configure a blacklist of websites that want to block within our working hours so that, in this way, we are focused on our work.

The operation is very simple, our work will focus on configuration to classify pages block (blacklist) and another list of pages that will always be provided with access (whitelist). Once we clear these criteria we set ourselves to the section on timing (maximum time we visit a website blacklist, days of the week on which the restrictions apply, hours in which to apply the control, etc. ) and in case of extreme necessity, such as a moment of total concentration, we can apply the “Nuclear Bomb Mode” where you apply a total restriction and can only access the pages of the white list for as long as we configure.

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What really are these extensions needed? Whether or not is something that depends on each user, in my point of view is an interesting way to help us be more productive and focus on our job though, the first step is to detect that we really need to resort to this type of aid.

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