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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Software |

Steam Beta for Linux Now Available

Steam Beta for Linux Now Available

Valve, one of the most recognized companies in the world of game development, especially in the realm of “PC Gaming”, has just released the first beta version of for Linux, something that no doubt many gamers in the world expected because it means that we can access our catalog of games on this platform from any computer running one of the most popular distros, Ubuntu.

Since several weeks ago Valve is receiving the request by Linux users worldwide to access the private beta of Steam on this operating system. However, today announced the availability of this limited beta , or what is the same, many will try, only successively.

To access this Beta must meet two requirements. First have some knowledge of intermediate or advanced level of Linux, and secondly to fill this form from the Web version of Steam, whereby those responsible for this platform will contact us when we selected to start testing and playing.

In this trial version are available some of the most iconic games that Valve has created such as the popular game free-to-play “Team Fortress”, and of course the classic Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead, plus another 12 titles. In addition, also be available to test the new feature called “Big Picture” , which allows viewing Steam on a TV of any size to connect to the computer, and even use a joystick for games.

Valve had promised that this first beta would arrive during the month of October , which ultimately have not met yet, have not delayed much. Gabe Newell, president and founder of this company, announces that it is compatible with the Steam version of Ubuntu 12.04 or higher, and informs the community that after the official launch of the final version of Steam for this distro (which should arrive between December or January), will begin to bring Steam to other distros like Debian and Fedora.

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