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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Software |

Steam for Linux in October, but in beta

Steam for Linux in October, but in beta

The last July officially met the wonderful news that Valve take their gaming platform to Linux, so since his arrival and will not only users of OS X and Windows who can play the huge catalog of titles this platform, but also the operating system users Penguin. Today we know that this is closer as they have announced the first phase of launch.

Of course, this release will be but a testing phase, that is, a “beta” Steam for Linux, which will arrive next week internally (ie only for developers at Valve), but the vast news is that it also opened a private beta for 1000 random people who want to try Steam on Ubuntu and around the world.

Yes, this beta is not something that the audience can take advantage, as it should have at least intermediate skills to qualify for it, because its installation process is not as simple as go to the Software Center Ubuntu and just press “Install”. Although by far not specified details, if you ask those who postulate the beta are not new to Linux.

This beta Steam for will include free copy of a Valve game, and considering that the screenshots that have taught this development shows the title “Left 4 Dead 2″, there is a great possibility that it is This game included. It will also be compatible with the Ubuntu distro version 4.12 or higher, and will not include the new functionality Big Picture .

The intention of this test phase is none other than allowing the public (or at least a selected portion of it) check the status of development of Steam for Linux, and report any bugs or software failures present. Valve’s announcement of today has given rise to many ensure that this development is almost ready, and the final product would be released for Christmas.

Sometime in October, Valve will make available to all a form to apply to be part of this private beta.

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