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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Video Games |

Steam for Linux now available

Steam for Linux now available

Finally, after much delay, the Linux operating system users may have Steam, the PC gaming platform in most successful, created by Valve, after the promise he made himself Gabe Newell, founder and president of this company, of platform that would free systems. And is that so far the only way to run it on Ubuntu or some other distro, was through a virtual machine such as Wine.

for comes with an initial catalog of 39 titles, but unfortunately so far only available for Ubuntu, the most popular and used distro Linux, Arch Linux and OpenSuse.

There has been little that Steam has spoken in recent weeks, beginning with the birth of Big Picture , the new role of the platform that the approaches televisions and traditional control knobs, in the style of a console desktop. And is that recently confirmed that he is interested in developing their own hardware .

Well Steam comes to Linux to support a huge community of video game fans who simply prefer to have a free operating system before Windows or a Mac For starters have made 39 titles available including the successful Team Fortress 2, and other the house as Left 4 Dead 2, plus hits like Serious Sam 3, World of Goog and available at the store . Of course that gradually ensure this catalog will grow.

How to install Steam on Linux

Steam for Linux now available image 2

Depending on the distro you use, the procedure is different, but in either case it is really easy, unlike knowledge in Valve asking users interested in testing the beta of Steam for Linux . For Arch Linux is as simple as downloading the required file from the official website , as in the case of Open Suse, whose files are available for download .

However, in the case of Ubuntu users can install Steam in one of two ways, but requires at least version 12.04 of this distro. The first way is to download the executable file (. DEB) from the official website and install it just double click on it.

The second way is a bit more traditional, as it requires access console and run the two command lines below:

wget -c sudo dpkg -i steam_latest.deb

After that we have Steam can also sign up with our accounts or create a new one, and start enjoying this platform and its games without virtual machines or partitions with Windows.

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