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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Economy and Business, Technology |

Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky, the man could hold to “restore order” in the development of Windows after Vista and disaster accounted for many could be the future of the company, including who would replace Steve Ballmer, Microsoft left by “mutual agreement “due to tensions with other managers.

A very shocking news considering that Microsoft has launched Windows 8 and starts a real effort to control hardware and software with the Microsoft Surface which went on sale simultaneously with the new operating system. The company gave the Windows address two people who reported directly to Sinofsky: Julie Larson-Green will be responsible for development while Tami Reller lead business development. Two women will be in charge of the most used operating system in the world.

There are several similarities between the departure of Steven Sinofsky of and Apple’s Scott Forstall , the main one: not getting along with other executives of their respective companies and ex-apparently not a team player. Besides the two strong figures were greatly influenced the direction and how they functioned operating systems which were responsible. In addition, both Sinofsky and Forstall were considered at some moments as future CEOs of Microsoft and Apple respectively.

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