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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in News |

Steven Sinofsky Microsoft abandons

Steven Sinofsky Microsoft abandons

Steven Sinofsky, head of Windows at has officially left the company after being the leader in products as ambitious as 8 or Surface. This was announced by the Redmond company yesterday through a statement . Later, Steven himself sent an email to all employees saying their decision.

Although the official version we suggest that it is a consensual decision, countless rumors say that Steven was a person who had a knack for creating tensions among executives. This reminds us of the recent case of Scott Forstall , vice president of iOS announced in late October his departure from Apple. There is also rumored internal rivalries.

However, until now head of Windows has been reported to be to go in search of new opportunities in which to fix their energy and creativity after spending 23 years in the company of Bill Gates. According to him, his passion for developing products is as strong as at the beginning and seeks to work in similar areas.

This news is very shocking because it comes at a very important moment, just when the new operating system Windows 8 has just been released with the Microsoft Surface. This is a new era in which Windows attempts to unify to the user experience independent of the medium in which you are using.

Is there a substitute for your position? If Microsoft cedes to address two people. One of them, Julie Larson-Green, will focus on software engineering and software in Windows. While the other, Tami Reller be responsible for business development.

For many people, Steven Sinofsky was the next person to occupy the post of Ballmer to the forefront of the company. Has opted for a new operating system, a new strategy trying to unify everything. Although no longer on Microsoft to see the evolution, has given a more innovative the company.

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