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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

StoryBundle, independent store selling ebooks

StoryBundle, independent store selling ebooks

Supporters of electronic books will know: when we read something, we are able to stir heaven and earth (at least on the Internet) to find the title you’re looking for. For users in Latin America, unfortunately we find many regional barriers that keep us buying, for example, on Amazon . We have told other alternatives that also have a good catalog, such as social platform and store Kobo , which is one of our favorites. But we also have to consider smaller stores that really offer a lot and ask little in return. StoryBundle is one of them, and brings an interesting proposition when buying ebooks.

offers us just buy bundles or groups of titles with a particular theme that varies depending on the weather. For example, right now they have a special for Christmas with different genres, ranging from mystery to science fiction. Market is characterized by independent authors, giving them 70 percent of the gain. But the most interesting part is that we can get this package price to consider. So: StoryBundle is handled with a dynamic name your price, which has proved very successful in other platforms, such as in music Bandcamp.

In each of the titles, you can click to read a summary and a chapter in advance, so we do not get any disappointment when we buy. Proceeds help to StoryBundle continues to perform, while a portion of the proceeds also going to the independent author of the book. On the other hand, shares of StoryBundle not have DRM, because they trust their users and do not believe that is an impediment to sharing. So, basically you can read on any device, from smartphones to tablets, to computers. It’s completely comfortable, and if we begin to think about the price, very convenient.

We pay what we want for a pack of six books, and if paid at least eight dollars, consider a book that, on average, is about ten dollars in the Amazon store, with DRM and also with regional limitations in many cases- gift we got two more titles. Those StoryBundle give us the option, in addition, to be charitable and choose to donate part of the proceeds to a beneficiary organization we can choose when we made the purchase.

Kindle users may be accustomed to the convenience of having the book “delivered” quickly through Whispernet service network. StoryBundle replica this mechanism and assures us that we will have a spot in our Kindle Kindle or scattered our applications a lot of devices. Also, this holiday season, we give away gift cards for our friends also downloaded titles.

Why is StoryBundle interesting? We talked at length about the limitations that brings with DRM on ebooks, and also tell them how they can do to remove it and share the title with one more wish. Amazon is a great store, but is also hated by pseudo monopolistic practices. And for users in Latin America, the experience can be quite frustrating. I happened to be looking for a title different stores, for example, is only available in the United States and Europe.

To save this ordeal, we need to support independent stores as StoryBundle. It may not have the qualifications we were looking for at first, but we can not be surprised: authors are independent but have professional editing, so we did not take any bad shot, and we may be a few clicks to find our book favorite. Paying what we see fit.

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