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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Strategies 2013: plans for social networks based on Nielsen report

Strategies 2013: plans for social networks based on Nielsen report

The Nielsen published these days its report in 2012 on the state of social networks worldwide. It is a very interesting, because it allows us to know in which directions are moving users, brands and agencies. The information you find here is super useful, so let’s break down the data found in this lengthy document to intuit what will be the best practice in these next few months. As always, these practices can function as maybe not. I invite you to read the original report, however, has no waste and also presents specific data to inform our customers while planning a strategy.

If we highlight as “news” that social networks have not stopped growing, we would not be providing any surprise factor. Social Media is one of the most fruitful fields of internet, and is being driven by mobile growth and the proliferation of new social networks that continue to raise the interest of users. This is key to keep in mind: whenever we talk about the performance of brands in a new social network, they say we have to know if our users are there or not. These numbers serve to validate it. 2012 was a fantastic year for the emergence of new networks or network consolidation above. For example, Pinterest had phenomenal growth.

Moreover, since us that users’ attitudes toward advertising in social networks continue to evolve every day. We have a range of much larger opportunities in this respect than traditional display advertising, for example, and this we have to take advantage of whatever form. No wonder we have social media channels and we have to squeeze our customers. The opportunities for engagement through social network advertising are more present than ever.

The PC is still the queen of the forms of access networks, but comes through the phone-list as this is also not new, and applications. Here’s the key: the use of applications, both free and paid, is becoming increasingly popular among users. More and more people are getting Internet from their smartphones, whose sales are growing at a breathtaking spiral equipment through low and mid range more accessible to the common pocket, and are preferring to use apps over sail. This is key.

On average, the social networking audience grew in the last year, and spending more than five hours a day online in social networks through mobile apps. Social networks that have attracted the interest of the users are Pinterest, with a growth of 1047%, downright impressive, and the social network Google with 80%. Facebook is down 4%, while Blogger (-3%) is losing ground by WordPress (+10%). And, most important, huge percentages of people are connecting more and more to their social networks through mobile devices. This is evident in the case of Twitter, considering that, in addition, two of the most important reasons for having a profile on a social network is to be “connected and informed,” according to the report. 76% of users have positive feelings social networks.

What are the lessons learned from this report? Data are relevant for the strategy to be thinking of next year. There are several things that we can keep in mind on this basis. Then give some of the ideas that have occurred to me reading the Nielsen report, but as always, you can also leave ideas and advice based on the data provided.

  • Live tweets: people are acquiring the habit of talking about a TV show while you are watching. Under the name of Social TV, can be a good strategy to consider if we work in traditional media. It is also important to consider for event coverage. Just a few weeks ago we talked about ways to create a tweet wall and how we can make a good live coverage via Twitter.
  • Consumer Decision: users are taking to social networks as a ladder over when deciding on a product. Therefore, brands need to think about their social networks like windows where they can push the consumer towards the right decision, not only through traditional publications but also thanks to comments from other users who are happy with their product. Nothing new here, but the truth is suspect next year, more than ever, social networks are driving sales dramatically.
  • Mobile applications: it is becoming increasingly clear that users have a preference notorious for applications. Having a website optimized for mobile performance and is a no-brainer, so we can move to the next step: developing applications for a brand or a service that gives added value to being a member of a community network social.
  • Benefits Mobile: lastly, the tendency to “mobilize” all also being felt in social networks. More and more people choose the applications of Facebook, Twitter and more to connect, what limits us in some sense in terms of scope of Social Ads for instance. But we have to keep innovating, because we have more windows of opportunity. Cheers unique benefits, interesting drawings, campaigns, always passing at Mobile.
  • Exploration of advertising: Facebook is an expert, while learning to monetize Twitter. As we said, it’s time to invest in advertising. This is good, because we guarantee results, but also negative, because we can see how the business structure of Facebook is prioritizing those that invest and leaving out those who do not have the budget to do so. Let’s try with Sponsored Stories, which also have a mobile presence, to ensure arrival at every corner we want.
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