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Streak, a CRM within Gmail

Streak, a CRM within Gmail

Adequately manage our customer base is a key task in the management of any company: contact addresses, offers and discounts or sales operations are some of the issues that we cover in this area. It makes no sense to keep all this information stored in different files or information systems since we reduced the usefulness and prevents us from having a global view of our customers, especially if we work together and we share this information with other coworkers. Today many companies are investing in applications (Customer Relationship Management) to keep all information centralized and occupation.

In more modest operations, for example in a very small organization or because we exercise our activity as freelancers, perhaps deploying a CRM (free or paid) can stay something big and maybe not count on the infrastructure or expertise. is one of the email services most used by usaurios and, indeed, it is not uncommon to find small businesses and independent professionals who use a mailbox on this service to establish communications with suppliers and customers.

If we use Gmail for this purpose, there is an interesting extension for that allows us to transform the email service Gogole a highly functional CRM since added features that support sales or contracts with our customers: Streak . Any modifying Gmail Chrome extension? It may sound weird but, really, it’s not the first time that we find a similar situation as the extension, to enter Gmail, modifies your interface and adds additional functionality, in this case a small CRM.

With can improve the Gmail interface to group all messages sent to a specific customer, track our messages (adding notes or by completing the information we have with customer data), sales, exchanged messages with customers and our employees, create templates with the “message type” that we use and schedule sending messages (to be sent, for example, in the hours that we know will have greater acceptance).

Since the implementation, among other languages, including support for Spanish,

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